About us

Media school is a joint effort of editors, trainers, SMM managers and digital promoters from several countries. From 2015 we work with clients from Russia, Eastern and Central Europe and beyond.

Ok. Let's start with the most important thing.The most important thing: Prague Media School is not a "school".

How much can one learn in five days? To be honest, not much. Even if you listen to lectures for 15 hours a day, and prepare homework while sleeping, you will be left with only a vague memory about a course a week later. You probably don’t know what to do with such a memory, and we don’t know either. That's why we are a not a "school". We are the school.

Our graduates can forecast the future and predict trends much better than others. While today’s trend is multimedia and social media, tomorrow it might be a totally new technology. With the help of Prague Media School, you can quickly switch to new formats and trends without going through painful transformations.

Prague Media School run by the non-for-profit endowment fund Free Press for Eastern Europe, registered in Prague, Czechia.

How will you learn?

Our courses last five days, eight hours a day. We have a common space where we all work together and communicate. We also have some private areas to prepare projects in small groups.

During these 40 hours, our students play different roles: one can choose a role of a manager, a teacher, a bit of a methodologist, and of course a student. Everyone will get and will give tasks, make their own presentations and evaluate others. As our students come with their own project ideas, they can choose a topic they already work on or a completely new one.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to solve tasks that you have to, or want to solve faster, more efficiently, and – last but not least – with a great pleasure. You will be able to organize new working processes promptly and re-organize already existing ineffective ones and to be unconventional in your decision-making when it’s needed and use already proven solutions when they are more effective. You will also learn to work in a group where everyone interrupts each other because they have a lot to say and, when needed, to create such a group out of people who are shy to talk. You will be able to share your knowledge quickly

Who are we?

All our trainers are practitioners. We can't say we do not like theorists, but somehow we attract practically-minded people.

Therefore, you will surely hear about marketing from real consultants who have among clients the biggest international NGOs and companies. In the same way, an experienced social media campaigner will tell you about advertising in social media, and a real producer will introduce you to content production and distribution platforms. Video and After Effects are introduced by a professional videographer, audio by  a composer, and storytelling by… yes, you guessed it right: a storyteller.

Interested in learning more details?

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