Advanced Collaborative Journalism Course (2 editions)
This free hybrid interactive course in English will offer lectures and practical exercises geared at teaching the necessary skills to organise and coordinate an international team of journalists, to safely and securely collaborate on cross-border stories, and to carry out impactful investigations.
Crowdfunding and Collaborative Journalism Course
A Free Online Interactive Course in English for media professionals in Central and Southern Europe: 7 interactive webinars and a cross-border story pitching session. Selected projects will be published on the Press Start crowdfunding platform and receive partial funding.
Show me yours: Videos for new media
Stories and short videos on social media aren't just trendy tools. Their popularity is only growing as a new generation which grew up on video blogs, Tik-Tok and animation comes to the "grown up" networks. Short videos are a language that is essential today. You'll learn: ideas generation, Video production concepts, script writing, team management, basic concept of video promotion.
Instagram of love and beauty
The first specialized course on Instagram for workers in the beauty industry - that is, for stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, makeup artists, makeup and manicure masters, image consultants and plastic surgeons.
Everything flows: Adobe After Effects and motion design workshop
After completing the intensive course, you will master the basic tools of the program, you will be able to assemble your own explainer, advertisement or announcement, make captions, bring your logo to life - and even how to save boring footage by turning it into an interesting video that gains views.
SMM total-immersion: Catch the second wave
Even if you are familiar with some aspects of SMM, In our Flagship modular course, (probably the best in the world!), our experts will explain: Content Creation, content formats and the technologies of their production; Advertising & Communication tactics; Strategic Vision. Dive into social media marketing: Choose 1, 2 or 3 modules that are right for you, right now!
Everything sings: Adobe Audition and sound design workshop
You will learn the basics of recording and working with sound, learn how to use libraries, how sound for YouTube differs from sound for VR; get an idea of ​​sound design and sound engineering.
Communication strategy: Signposts to Success
Sit back and zoom: this is an introductory and highly practical seminar for those who need to work with marketing communications on the Internet and social networks. It will help you prioritize your work and teach you how to channel the seemingly indomitable energy of creative thought in the direction of peaceful construction. We will explore a unique infographic which includes all processes in communication strategy – after seeing this, you will think differently about building your brand.
SMM and communication strategies
This course is for those who (think they!) “know everything about SMM*”. Promotion algorithms and formats of popular content are constantly changing. We created this course so that graduates will be able to answer a very difficult yet simple question: how to make SMM bring maximum benefits to your current project, and what tools you should personally choose for this.
Video for social media
Who is this program for? For anyone who already has a project relating to social networks and who needs a new, modern way of communicating with the audience of their media or project. We cater for journalists, designers, producers, managers, marketers - and anyone else interested in promoting themselves or their ideas online.
Instagram: Algorithm. Content. Promotion.
This online course by Prague Media School is all about marketing communications on Instagram. The course is based on the methodology of “Kaospilot”, Danish Business School, and is meant for people who want to understand the platform’s algorithm and grow the audience of their projects.
Telegram: “Air Corridors” of connection
Broadcasting and marketing in messengers is the future that has already arrived. This course has everything you need to know about the functionality and structure of Telegram including creating and exploiting Channels to build an audience; working with APIs; Chat rooms; Telegram gaming platform.