Intensive training: social media marketing

We will teach you social media marketing. This means that you will be able to answer a very important question: how to find those who I am interested in, how to explain to them what I have for them and that they need me,  and, of course,  how to make sure they liked it.   

Online course: Marketing in messengers

How much time you spend in messengers? According to Business Insider even more than on social media. Messengers allow projects to engage with customers in a conversational, interactive way. This online course is the unique opportunity to deep in to future of marketing. 

Video for Social media

Get ready for the year 2020. The market continues to grow and digital video professionals in high demand. Thus we invite you to learn how to make video content for your digital channels - from script-writing and essential software (After Effects and Adobe Audition) to producing and promotion.

How to create and launch a podcast

So far, few people know how to make podcasts. Each podcast is a small media requiring knowledge and skills. We want more great podcasts and to make this happen, we will conduct a new course for you. You will be taught to create, record and distribute your very own podcasts.